Watch Video Dr Tyler Bigenho Twitter – Big news hit the Philippine medical world after a prominent doctor, Dr. Tyler Bigenho, was caught in a controversial scandal that caused an uproar on social media on November 29, 2023.

In a series of events revealed through videos and images that went viral on Twitter, Dr. Bigenho was accused of carrying out inappropriate actions towards his patients, creating a wave of widespread condemnation and concern among the public.

Let’s take a closer look at the latest developments in this shocking scandal, which not only destroyed a doctor’s reputation, but also raised deep questions about professional ethics and health governance in the Philippines.

Watch Video Dr Tyler Bigenho Twitter

Dr. Tyler Bigenho Twitter video a big controversy emerged on Twitter social media after a male doctor from the Philippines named Dr. Tyler Bigenho is in the public spotlight.

Watch Video Dr Tyler Bigenho Twitter

Videos and images showing inappropriate actions by the doctor quickly went viral, triggering a wave of condemnation and concern among netizens.

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Dr. Tyler Bigenho, who has a good reputation in the medical world, suddenly became the center of attention after several patients and eyewitnesses uploaded evidence of the unpleasant incident. In the widely circulated video, Dr. Bigenho behaved unprofessionally and unethically towards a number of patients at the clinic where he worked.

In one of the videos, Dr. Tyler was seen speaking in a rude tone to a patient who was trying to convey his complaint. His disrespectful and condescending attitude made many netizens angry and questioned the professional ethics of a doctor.

Apart from that, several photos circulating also show Dr. Bigenho wore clothes that did not meet hygiene standards in the operating room. This raises concerns about the safety and health of patients who may be exposed to the risk of infection due to unhygienic practices.

Strong reactions also came from various parties, including doctors’ associations and the general public. Philippine authorities and medical institutions are said to be conducting an investigation into this incident. Dr. Tyler Bigenho himself has not provided an official response regarding the accusations made against him.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #BigenhoScandal trended on Twitter with thousands of netizens condemning the doctor’s behavior and demanding strict action from the authorities. A number of patients who were victims of Dr. Tyler is also known to have reported this incident to the police and related health institutions.

This controversial story is still developing, and the public is waiting for follow-up from the Philippine health and legal authorities regarding the fate of Dr. Tyler Bigenho and preventive measures so that similar incidents do not happen again in the future.

Controversy involving Dr. Tyler Bigenho reached a new chapter after the Philippine health authorities and medical institutions took decisive action. After a thorough investigation, Dr. Bigenho was found guilty of ethical violations and inappropriate conduct in medical practice.

In response to his violations, Dr. Tyler Bigenho was officially dismissed from his position and prohibited from practicing medicine in the Philippines. This decision received widespread support from the public and netizens who felt that a doctor’s unethical actions could not be tolerated.

In a press conference held by a local medical institution, Dr. Maria Santos, a spokesperson, stated, “We are taking firm action to maintain public trust in the medical profession. Ethics and high standards in health care must be upheld by all practitioners.”

The Philippine government also issued an appeal to medical institutions and hospitals to strengthen internal supervision of the practices of doctors and health workers. Preventive measures are also being considered to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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Netizens continue to monitor developments in this case, in the hope that further legal action can be taken if more serious violations are discovered. Meanwhile, several victims have received psychological support and additional health services as part of their recovery efforts.


The controversy surrounding Dr. Tyler Bigenho has sparked widespread discussion about the importance of ensuring professional ethics and high standards of health in medical practice. This case is a reminder for all relevant parties to continue to maintain the integrity and public trust in the health system.

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